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New Services Coming Soon! 

Local & National Paging Services

New service connections – Unlimited numeric pages/Optional voicemail plans

Basic pager replacements or new purchases – only $49.95

National Paging Service – Call For Rates

Southern California Area Prepaid Paging Plans

12 month plan $14.95/month

6 month plan $16.95/month 

3 month plan $19.95/month 

Voicemail Service:

10 messages, 12 hrs. storage, 30 sec. length at $2.95/month

10 messages, 24 hrs. storage, 45 sec. length at $3.95/month

15 messages, 72 hrs. storage, 60 sec. length at $4.95/month

Other Feature
Toll free number at $14.95/month

Numeric pager – From $49.95

Order Today!  Call 1-800-AIRCALL (247-2255)

Why Pagers?
A reliable and affordable paging service serving business industries and personal needs. Paging signals are stronger than mobile phones and will respond in emergency situations. When all else fails, your pager will function even during a power outage! Security features including encryption, display locks, and remote data wipes. We offer fast service activation. 

Not Everyone Needs a
Smartphone to Do Their Job

1-800-AIRCALL (247-2255)